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Operating on the Italian market since 2002 both in the cables sectors and in the renewable energies, Coppermann went through important changes during last year passing from an Srl to an Srl with only owner, specializing itself in the supply of raw materials mainly used for the cables production and operating as a bridge between the manufacturer and the final customer. The strong and lasting cooperation with qualified and selected suppliers in Italy and Europe, allowed and keep allowing Coppermann to supply high quality products not only to small manufacturers but also to big companies. Especially introduced in the Italian market where supplies some of the most important and biggest local companies, Coppermann has the aim to enlarge is Customers portfolio even in Europe and all around the world.


Thanks to the long experience of our staff in the industrial and cables sectors we can offer along with our goods also our know-how and help our customers to choose the most suitable and most innovative materials, depending on the applications they have to do. Aware that the current market is constantly and quickly developing and changing, we decided to have our own warehouse in order to keep material at stock and face the numerous urgencies of our customers.


What has always distinguished us is the constant search of improvement of our work and of our Customer satisfaction. Every step of our work is characterized by a continuous search for quality, both of our goods and our commercial management of offers, orders and contracts. We strictly select our suppliers, usually ISO certificated, in order to offer and grant good quality, innovation, wide range of materials, seriousness and competence.


Thanks to our cooperation with several manufacturers, we are able to supply a wide range of products, mainly used in the cables production: aluminum and copper tapes, polyester tapes, conductive and semiconductive films, insulating, binding and separating tapes, non woven tapes, fire resistant tapes, yarns, plastic flexible cover for drums Our products can be delivered on spools and pads.

Aluminium shielding tapes

Copper shielding tapes

Armouring tapes

Insulating, binding and separating tapes

Fire resistant tapes



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